"Memory is the diary we carry about with us" - Oscar Wilde
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Ron Holley - Air Force Academy
Steve Henry -  1973 Vet Spec Course
Tom Hilla - Lackland AFB
Lab Animal Technician Training
Community Service & Military Working Dogs
Wilford Hall Research
Tom Hilla - Dog Sleds and Heart Pumps
Bill Britz - US Air Force/NASA; Holloman AFB & Cqpe Canaveral 1959-1964
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Tom Hilla - Lackland, Brooks, and PACAF
Rick Dowling - Tan Son Nhut AB - 1970
More Photos from Ron Holley - 1960's
VSPA -Vietnam Security Police Association

A great site dedicated to the dog handlers and their dogs who served in Vietnam.  See:

Matthew Kessler - Kincheloe AFB, MI and NAMRL

Norm Hooben - Lackland AFB and Edwards AFB
Ron Holley -  Col Kester, USA,  and the USAFA -  1968
From Ron Holley - Click below to start slide show -
Ralph Zeigler - Nuclear Medicine Course - 1961
Ralph Zeigler - Group Photo at Brooks AFB, 1962
Ralph Zeigler - Photos from Lackland and Wright-Paterson AFB
Tom Hilla - 59th Veterinary Inspection Flight
Ron Holley - Military Working Dog Monumentt. and Memories of Lackland in 1960
Ron Holley - SSgt Willie E Ogden with Enos
Bob Mathewson - 1994 Reunion at Randolph AFB
Ron Holley - Lackland Squadrons - 1965