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               October 1968

        90830 Anatomy Class
             Sheppard AFB 

Left to Right: SSgt John Caroll, John Lundy, Cherrie Bennett, Judith(Eveland) Ayres, unk, Becky Luther, unk.

  Sent by Paul & Judy Ayres
Eddie Stott in Phan Rang 1966.  Eddie has memories of his time as a 908 (click on link) and a story about Raisin Bread, and picture of  one of the clients, Rheiner.
Eddie Stott Remembers
                    Phan Rang Raisin Bread

Looking back on some of the experiences that took place while I was in Vietnam at Phan Rang there are obviously several items that I have a difficult time dealing with. BUT there is one item that definitely affected my life and dietary desires for the rest of my life.

In addition to caring for Sentry and Scout Dogs, one of the duties of an Air Force Vet Tech was to inspect the Chow Halls and Food. Stateside one could be very strict but in Vietnam just the opposite was true because the Food Service Personnel had very little to work with.

Sometime during early 1967 while inspecting the chow hall I noticed the cook was making raisin bread. Raisin Bread was always a favorite of mine and I was excited when the cook gave me some during the inspection. While eating a piece I happened to notice that some of the raisins looked weird and were unusually small. Looking closer it was indeed not a raisin but a bug, My God it was a weevil !!. I threw the bread away and didn’t think too much about it until about three weeks
later during another inspection, so help me they were making raisin bread again. I got another piece and you guessed it, another bug or weevil.

I talked to the cook and told him this was the second time and he had to do something. To my surprise he confessed that he had done something.
When shipments of flour arrived that had weevils, he would attempt to sift them out BUT when he couldn’t get them all out, he then proceeded to make Raisin Bread. It turned out that this was a normal procedure.

I reported this to the Captain at the Hospital that I worked for who had the ultimate power to make a decision and was told to keep my mouth shut because the guys at the chow hall gave us food for picnics etc.,etc. and we didn’t want to do anything to get our supplies cut off.  The result was that although the Chow Hall could make raisin bread going forward, I have never eaten another piece of Raisin Bread since then (early Feb or March 1967 as I remember)

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From Ron Holley - Before the Vet Specialist Course was this one

From Ken Andre:

…Henry Wolfgang inspecting ff&V with Willard Jones.  Ken Andre doing soil samples and inspecting Granny’s potato chips.  All pictures are from Taipei and Taichung, Taiwan about 1970.

The first female Veterinary Service personnel in 1968
Modern Veterinary ClinicCapt. Gale Taylor walking to villageBill Armitage trying to convince locals of their good intentionsBill with one of the childrenBill meeting with locals
From Bill Armitage:

TSgt Bill Armitage and Capt. Gale Taylor in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand in 1967 working with the local population
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