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Carcass Beef Inspection ---- American Embassy --- Dublin, Ireland
Ron Holley's Tour at Goose Bay
Photos and Narrative courtesty of Ron Holley

Ireland MapAntemortem InspectionStunned and BledHide RemovalEviscerationSplitting the CarcassWashing the CarcassShroudingGrading - R. HolleyProcessingFQ Inspection - D. ReidHQ InspecitionHQ Inspection - R. HolleyReady for Shipment

First two photos were taken in Danang with the 366th Security Police Squadron.
We thank  for allowing us to use them here.

From DaNang: The one with the jeep in the pic is me on the back facing another Vet Tech named David B. Oberschelp.  The second picture was in a village where a Marine had allegedly shot a cow and papa san needed a little reimbursement.  Also on scene was Maj Dock F. Dixon.  Think he is the one that took the picture. 

                                                     Dublin, Ireland

In the 60's everything was loaded on 20 box containers they called wagons and they pulled them down to the Dublin docks where they were unloaded and reloaded by either hand or dock crane onto two different ships.  One was the MV Thallo and the other was the MV Theano.  They sailed every Friday night to Rotterdam, were unloaded and returned to Dublin waiting on the next shipment.  Was quite a labor intensive operation.  Everything had to be on schedule or we had big problems.

Then in the 70's between International Meat Company, Irish Meat Packers and Kildare Chilling Company we usually shipped 25-30 45ft trailers each Friday that went by ferry sometimes thru Belfast.  I loaded one trailer one Friday, went home for supper and saw on TV the same trailer got hijacked in Belfast by someone with an attitude.  They used it as a battering ram and roadblock.   Had to work on Saturday to make that one up.  Then we had one fall off a ship in bad weather one weekend.

In the 70's is was a piece of cake.  The Contracting Officer was a jewel.  They had a statement in the contract that indicated "the origin inspector has final decision” on all matters pertaining to approval or acceptance of a product.  They often tried to get around that by calling him but they never succeeded in getting him to get us to change our mind.  That was a blessing. 

These seven pictures were taken in the 1970-74 time frame.  Col William V. Howells and Capt (at that time) Mark Stokes appear in some of these with me.  Notice the guy trimming the hindquarter in the 4th one is the same guy in one of CMSgt Holley’s pictures on the kill floor. 

The photo with the flag is the American Embassy in 1960.  In 1970 it was at another location and much more what you would expect an American Embassy to look like.

The photo out the window of the Veterinary Services office across the square from the American Embassy shows vehicles on the street.  The VW bus belonged to Luke Forrester and he drove it till he passed away.  That same bus is in Austin Texas as I type this.  The 55 English Ford to the right was mine.  It was my local travel (TDY) transportation.  Came standard equipped with a hand crank when I wanted to start it.

The C47 is sitting at Dublin Airport waiting for a shipment of carcass beef from International Meat Company which was delivered in the white trailer sitting on the ramp.The other pictures show the beef being loaded by plant personnel.  This was an unusual situation.  We seldom sent anything to England.  Something had happened to one of their shipments from Argentina (I think).  So the lads from Dublin took up the slack for them and replaced their missing shipment. 

From Bobbie Nichols
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News Clipping about Forbes, from Ron Holley
I was stationed at Goose Air Base Labrador from Apr 1972 to Jul 1973  - I extended an additional 3 months beyond the normal 13 month tour of duty to buy my stereo
system - comprised of:  two 4 Channel Quadrophonic Open Reel Tape players, an 8 Track 4 Channel Quadrophonic Tape player, a Dual turntable, a Sansui 4 Channel Receiver, and four 100 watt Pioneer speakers.  I still use this equipment although 4 Channel Quadrophonic did not last very long as a commercial product back then.

The movie “Prime Cut” with Lee Marvin is on the theater marquee.  I must have seen every movie released by Hollywood during my time at the Goose - including those shown at the Saturday afternoon matinee, the Saturday evening show and the Saturday midnight late late show. I also started my current 40 year slow pitch softball pitching career on the Hospital Intramural Team.

The C-5A made an unscheduled landing after some mechanical problems - both Air Force personnel and their dependents were offered an opportunity to walk through the aircraft.

I had several opportunities to fly to a couple of previously designated   “Arctic Survival
Camps” -  that were re-opened as an R & R opportunity (Pike and Trout fishing) for Goose personnel.  Camps “No Name” and “Minipi.” It was rumored that during the Watergate investigation - that several of the panel members were flown up for a weekend of fishing.

I went up before the camps opened -  to inspect the facility/kitchen and then went up a couple of times as a participant of the camp activities. Concerning the slide of the mounted “Pike” - the plaque beneath it describes an incident during one winter when the camp was boarded up - but a local hungry bear broke into the building and ate the tail portion of the stuffed fish!

Staff I worked with included:  Capt. Mike Bradley, Sgt.’s Lalonde, Kaufman, and Lee, and Airman Leroy Holt.

Capt. Bradley and I once flew in an old commercial DC3 - 500 miles north east of the Goose for a site visit to an American radar/communication site named Saglek Air Station.

According to the Internet - on 17 Feb 1973 - Goose Bay had the lowest recorded daily temperature of all time (-38.92*F).  I know it was colder than that (probably like 50 below if not more) - due to the wind chill factor.  Fortunately - there were under ground tunnels connecting most of the major buildings on base.

While at the Goose - I was introduced to 35 mm photography.  I was “hooked” the minute I first saw that image appear in the developer at the photo hobby shop. Minolta became my camera of choice. 

One of my most vivid memories - was sitting in the dentist chair (first person of the day) on a Monday morning - when the only dentist on the Goose - joked that it was “hard to come to work after closing out the Officers Club the night before.”            Ron Holley/Jan2012

Goose Bay HQ SignMy BarracksVet Office10 June 1972Vintage CarsStreet in WinterTheaterWhiteoutIce SculptureC-5ATopaz  Four - USOHU-16 Albatross - Camp No NameQuarters at Camp No NameFishing at Camp No NameMount eaten by bear at Camp No NameQuarters at Camp MinipiSgt with 15 pound pike at Camp Minipi1973 - Saglek Air Station - Trackmaster1973 - Buildings at Saglek Air Station1973 - Saglek Air Station - Radar Dome1973 - Saglek Air Station - FoxBarracks room with StereoRon has left the buildingKaufman and BradleyJames LeeBradley and Holley
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