Photos 5
Sent by Jerry Fineg - - From the Cavalry to this!

From Jack Moye - Taiwan, 1968
Dave Wiesenfeld, Mike EberhardJack Moye, John Polulech, Melvin Boyd, Jim BuchananJack Moye, Melvin Boyd, OJ Hunt, Henry DavisLt Col Jerry Fineg, BG Don Snider, Vernon KingMelvin Boyd, Jack MoyeMike Eberhard, Jack MoyeVernon King, Mike EberhardStanding (L-R): Jack Moye, John Polulech, Mike Eberhard, BG Don Snider, Vernon King, Capt. Jim Gates
Kneeling: Lt Col. Jerry Fineg, MSgt Vincent Marchesi
Left to Right: Phil Day, Martha Day, Marina Britz, Bill Britz Joan Fineg, Jerry Fineg
Kneeling: Duane Miksch, Pat Miksch, Steve Derwillis, Lillian Derwillis
Margie Van Riper (Front) Don Van Riper (Rear), Pat Butler, Tom Butler,
Sally Black (Front), Frank Black, Muriel Cook, Jim Cook.
From David Carlton - Brooks AFB - 1970's
David Carlton using 7-level skills DavidDavid  and John LaCroixDavid and Ken GarrettDavid being supervised by Ken GarrettDavid with a patientDavid in the disection lab
From David Carlton
Bill Britz, retired Colonel, and now a member of academia at the University of Oklahoma Health
Science Center, returns to Brooks AFB in civilian clothes and his new hair to receive the Legion of Merit from General John Ord.
Reunion of  Air Force Veterinarians who served at Holloman AFB----4 April 2008
1978-Roger Harvey - Judge at Science Fair1978-Dr. James Wright - Judge at Science FairJames Wright, David Carlton, Roger Harvey1968-Amn Ferguson - Keesler AFB1968-David Carlton at Keesler AFB1969-Leroy Owens at Keesler AFBRichard ZagrockiJim colorado - Yakota AB, Japan
David Carlton - USAFSAM Staff
1968 Keesler Intramural Football Champs
James Wright - front row, third from left; Dave Carlton-second row - fourth from left