New! VSA MESSAGE BOARD – Password: 908*99

We have a new feature for our members and if you’re computer savvy you can get started immediately. Others can go here for more instructions and information.  Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.  Select Message Board on the menu bar then:
1. Enter the password 908*99 to enter the site. Hint: select Remember Me.
2. Select User Registration to register.  When done you will see a message:  “User                   successfully registered”. 
3. Login using My Account.  Hint: select Remember Me.

You are now ready to Write A Message or View Messages

When you select Remember Me at Password, the next time you enter the site you will bypass that area for up to two months.  When you select Remember Me at the My Account page the next time you login you will not have to enter your name and password.  

We have tried to create an easy-to-use message board for our members to use.  The link named Message Board is above the Guest Book on the left side.  The message board allows our members to write messages and comment and reply to messages.  Members can also upload images from their computer and insert them into their message.  You can also copy and paste a You Tube URL into the content area to display a You Tube.

After writing a message, or commenting on a message or another reply, you will be notified by email if someone has responded to your comment.  That way you can interact with other members.

The Message Board is a good way to communicate and to discuss reunions, make prayer requests for a sick member, notify the Association when someone has passed on (and perhaps post or link an obituary), maybe show off the results of a hobby, or the big fish you caught, and on and on.  This message board should be used for more than just our military career.  It can and should be used for everyday interests and for keeping in touch. 

As our members age and experience health issues this seemed to be a good way to keep in touch.  We invite our members, their spouses and other family members, and co-workers who worked alongside us during our career to register and use this communication tool.  We should invite anyone who is interested in what we do to register.

We have password protected the site but that is only to try to avoid drive-by internet thugs from stopping by and making crude comments.  Feel free to share it with anyone who you think may be interested in our group.  We will also leave the password on the site in case you forget it. 
If you experience difficulties contact me here and I will help.  I can even register for you if you wish.  Just let me know.  Above all, if you have suggestions please contact me.