About Us

This organization is made up of personnel serving with the USAF Veterinary   Service between 8 June 1949, when it was created under General Order No. 35,  and 1 October 1982 when it was reorganized as Environmental Health Services.  At that time all animal related activities were ceased and Veterinary Officers were no longer allowed to practice their professional calling.

The Veterinary Service was a prestigious, highly sought after career field manned by proud men and women engaged in providing quality veterinary public health services to the Air Force community.  These services included the inspection of  subsistence destined for consumption by Air Force active duty personnel and their  families, monitoring of sanitation in a multitude of food service activities, the treatment and care of government owned animals, and the operation of zoonosis  clinics for privately owned animals. 

Many of our members were involved with the management of DOD animal research facilities throughout the United States.  Veterinary Officers also conducted population control surgery and elective surgery in certain overseas areas.  These functions were conducted worldwide and personnel were frequently involved in Medical Civic Action in third world nations. 

The goal of the Association is to hold periodic reunions and to maintain a current listing of all personnel who served their country as Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians over the years.  Sadly, we also want to inform our membership when a friend passes on.  Those no longer with us can be found on the Taps page.

The USAF Veterinary Service was more than merely a career, it was a way of life that attracted and maintained some of the finest individuals ever to don the Air Force's blue   uniform and to wear the grade insignias from Airman Third Class to Brigadier General.   It was possessed of a camaraderie seldom seen in any branch of the service.  This camaraderie lives on in the USAF Veterinary Service Association.

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