Sending Photos
Photos can be very large files which are difficult to send in an email.  Follow these simple steps to reduce the size of multiple photos and send them in one email:

1.  Go to the page where your photos are located

2.  While holding down the Ctrl key, click each photo you want to send with the left mouse button.  Each photo will be highlighted.

3.  Keeping the cursor on the last photo,  click the right mouse button and select

a. "Send to", then from the list shown, select
b. "Mail recipient"

4. A popup appears with "Attach File". 

5.  Use the drop down list for "Picture Size" and select
"Small 800 X 600"

6.  Select "Attach" at the bottom

Your photos will be reduced and placed in your email as an attachment.ready to send.

It's a great way to keep your personal photos in order.  Simply use this method and mail the photos to yourself.
These are the steps for Window 7 using Outlook.  I would think most programs would be similar.
If this procedure doesn't work or you need other assistance, please contact me here

If you prefer to send photos by mail, email me for guidance.  Please do not send originals.
Photos can be downloaded and saved to your computer..