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If this is your first visit and you served in the USAF Veterinary Service between 1949 and 1982 please view our Guest book and sign in, then Check In above and take a few minutes to complete our form to let us know where you are.  Except for placing your name and rank on our Member List, we will never share your personal information without your permission.     

The USAF Veterinary Service Association Facebook Group

The Association has been trying to find a way for our membership to keep in touch. We created a Message Board a while ago but it didn’t go so well. It was a bit awkward to use so it will be closed down. But we think we have finally found a good solution.

Andy Fletcher has created a Facebook Group for our members to communicate and keep in touch. This Group is private and is open to all ex-military Veterinary Service personnel, their wives and other family members. Also being invited to join us are 908 Enlisted and 99XX Veterinarians who followed the Veterinary Services and served in Environmental Health Services, and those who serviced in Public Health (4E0X1 Enlisted) or as Public Health Officers (43HX Veterinarians).  

We are asking that you spread the word to others who may be interested. We especially want to reach out to the spouses and children of those who served with us and are no longer with us. Please contact those you feel may be interested. 

The name of the group is:  The Veterinary Service Association 

If you already belong to Facebook, just look for this group and ask to join. One of the administrators will get back to you.

If you are not a member of Facebook go to  and register. It’s simple and you only need to register your name to join this site. Once you receive confirmation, search for the group using the top bar on the Facebook page. Enter the name exactly as shown in red above. 

If you have difficulties before, during or after you join, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will do all we can to help you.  

If you are new to Facebook and want to learn more, check out the link below for some useful tutorials. This link is also on the Group’s Facebook page so you can refer to it often.

Once you have been approved, post a short message to say hello so everyone knows you are there. Be social. Join us.