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2019 Reunion Photos are up!  More to come.  To view them, go to Past Reunions and click on the eagle.
Below is a comment from Tony Huey about the reunion that he wrote in our Guest Book.  I think he nails the sentiment of all those who attended.  This was a most memorable reunion:

"Got home from the reunion at midnight 28 April after a couple days with Ken Bhirdo and a killer flight home from Raleigh-Durham, NC. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with, and making new friends after missing fourteen gatherings. Tim and Diane Donaldson organized and conducted what many felt was one of, if not "the" best ever and I had more fun than I've had in decades. Those who could've been there and weren't, really blew it. If I could've worked with or for any of the attendees, I'd have stayed in the Air Force for the rest of my life. I've run out of superlatives but want to add one point. I heard more and said more "I love you's" than at any time I can remember. See y'all next year."
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